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Catch ‘Em All: a Pokémon Pop-Up Bar Is Coming to Montreal Next Year

Here’s one for you nostalgic millennials.


A Pokémon-themed pop-up bar in the midst of a North American tour will swing by Montreal in 2020.

The PokéBar pop-up will bring themed food and drink, giveaways, costume contests, and give attendees the opportunity to catch Pokémon themselves. How exactly this will work is to be determined — will it feature small critters in Pikachu outfits? Who knows! (Probably not, though.)

The pop-up is a fair way down the road: it won’t be happening until June 20 and 21, 2020, far enough in the future that no venue has yet been set for it. Tickets will eventually go on sale online, although the Montreal event isn’t yet listed on the site. They’ll cost non-insubstantial $45, although that gets you a burger and drink.

Those burgers (as pictured above) are styled to look like Pokémon, and drinks will also be themed.

The bar seems to be doing quite the tour de millennial nostalgia, with visits already on the cards for a large number of other cities from Boston to Austin, bringing the same offerings.

Montreal isn’t a total stranger to this kind of themed, touring pop-up bar: The Christmas-themed Miracle Bar has operated for the last few years and should return this December, while a Lego-themed bar (sorry, “Brick Bar” — it did not have the approval of Lego) was slated to appear this summer, although it appears to have been quietly postponed or cancelled.