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Boutique Hotel Unveils a Portuguese Brunch and Lunch Spot in the Latin Quarter

Featuring chef Danny St-Pierre, and principals from Buvette Chez Simone and Tapeo.


There’s a new Portuguese-influenced brunch and lunch restaurant in the Latin Quarter, with a prominent trio of hospitality vets recently opening Capsa in the boutique Boxotel hotel on Ontario East.

Per Tastet, Capsa features a trio of owners with some solid experience: chef Hugo Potvin (ex-Tapeo, Les Fillettes) will take care of the kitchen, with Vanessa Gomes (Buvette Chez Simone) handling front of house. Chef Danny St-Pierre is also on the team, dealing with special events.

Capsa seems like a refreshing option for hotel dining in Montreal — instead of casting an overly broad net, it’s focusing in on Portuguese-influenced food. It’ll also be a daytime-only affair, closing at 3 p.m. daily. On the menu are a range of sandwiches, including the Francesihna, a sort-of Portuguese croque-monsieur featuring chorizo and steak, served in cuboid form with an egg and sauce on top. Brunch skews a little more standard, with options including pancakes, eggs Benedict, granola, and more.

A three-course daily lunch special will also be available for $25, with options like braised pork with clams, peppers, and white wine sauce, or a daily seafood dish, and light, fluffy sonhos (Portuguese-style fritters) for dessert.

Despite being open only during daylight hours, Capsa has a full alcohol service, including brunch-friendly cocktails, a full wine list, and local beers from L’Espace Public and Vox Populi; the resto also promises that non-alcoholic options like a house lemonade are “taken seriously”.

STATUS — Capsa is open at 175 Ontario E from 7 a.m. to 3 p.m., seven days.


175 Rue Ontario Est, Ville-Marie, QC H2X 1H5 Visit Website