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Russian Eatery La Caverne Shutters After 20 Years in Côte-des-Neiges

Plus, Sata Sushi becomes Jones café, and the spot left vacant by Hôtel Herman gets filled

inside restaurant La Caverne/website

CÔTE-DES-NEIGES — After being in business for 20 years, Russian restaurant and meet-up spot La Caverne announced on Facebook on October 27 that it has decided to halt operations permanently. The news came the day after premier François Legault told Quebec that red zone restrictions that originally went into effect on October 1 — including limiting restaurants to takeout and delivery — would be extended to November 23. In the note, La Caverne said, “All these years we have shared with you the important events in your life. These are hundreds of birthdays, weddings and other memorable dates and gatherings. All these years we did our best and have been happy to welcome you, to serve you tasty meals and to make your evenings warm and entertaining.”

MILE END — The prime Mile End location once occupied by Hôtel Herman (until the landlord refused to renew the lease) has finally been filled — by a cake pop shop. The 5171 St-Laurent space has sat empty for over three years, but now belongs to Sugar Mamie, a family-run operation that saw success with its make-your-own cake pop kits, a Facebook post announcing the opening last month says. “All of this is unfolding in a context that is very difficult for us all, but it also shows that we shouldn’t let the situation stop us from projecting ourselves forward, developing, adapting, and reinventing ourselves.”

PLACE DES ARTS — Co-working space Anticafé has reopened after a police visit last week forced it to shut down for not following red zone guidelines, reports CTV News. Despite having “café” in its name, Anticafé’s permit describes it as an office, which under red zone regulations, is still permitted to operate. “We do not sell food, we do not sell drinks, we do not sell anything other than time. People pay for time only,” owner Filipp Miller told CTV.

HOCHELAGA-MAISONNEUVE — Vegan sushi restaurant Sata Sushi has been replaced by Café Jones. However, the owners are the same (of the Club Vegangels), the approach remains animal-free, and even sushi — albeit an abridged offering — is still up for grabs. New menu additions include grilled cheese, soup, and a palm heart guédille. News of the swap was initially reported by Silo 57, which remarked that the new venture appeared to be an amalgamation of the former Sata Sushi and the owners’ Mile End diner, Mimi & Jones.

RIVIÈRE-DES-PRAIRIES — The owner of small breakfast and lunch chain Kitchen 73 has launched a petition on to defund the Office Québécoise de la Langue Française (OQLF) after the agency was given a $5 million budget boost in September to enforce Bill 101 among businesses, reports The Suburban. “[D]uring COVID-19 we should be focusing on building capacity in our hospitals and not further destroying the local economy, and discouraging our people,” the petition statement reads. Kitchen 73 was visited by the OQLF last week regarding a complaint about signage inside the restaurant.