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Yes, There’s a ‘Taco’ Restaurant Named Snatch Coming to the Plateau

A place to “snatch” some fast food?

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Here’s one for the record books of “notably out-there restaurant names”: a fast food restaurant named Snatch is soon to open on the Plateau.

The restaurant has snatched up, so to speak, the former location of fine dining spot Lili Co, on the corner of Villeneuve and St-Laurent.

While the restaurant’s name could be a verb (“go snatch some burgers”), the restaurant’s playful tone seems to indicate that Snatch is being used as a noun here — a slang word for vagina.

A key piece of evidence in the “snatch as noun” case is the restaurant’s primary menu item: French tacos — “taco” being another euphemistic word for the same body part. With a hint of cheekiness, the restaurant’s Facebook page refers to these as “tacos braisés à la Frenchy”. The restaurant’s signage also invokes customers to “‘Scuze my tacos,” a possible deep cut from TV sitcom Broad City, where protagonist Ilana Wexler asks that people “mind my vagina.”

Snatch isn’t the first establishment to utilize a yonic name in Montreal — that honour goes to the now-closed Pinq Taco (RIP), further south on the Main. But it’ll have quite a different approach than that venue — forget about shooters and ladies’ nights; Snatch will have meats, cheese, and buns instead.

The menu has nine “French tacos” on it — a fast-food import created by Moroccan immigrants to France. These “tacos” feature various combinations of beef, chicken, cheese, fries, and veggies, and while they’re wrapped up in a tortilla, they have no real connection to Mexican cuisine (they’re more of a hangover remedy/drunk foodstuff from Europe).

Snatch will also have burgers topped with goat or blue cheese, and a few poutines to round out its menu.

Expect it to open soon, predominantly as a takeout and delivery spot due to the pandemic. It’ll have a street-facing window for orders, and is gearing up to deliver via Uber Eats.


4675 Boul St-Laurent, Montreal, QC H2T 1K8 (438) 448-5015 Visit Website