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Eater Montreal Is Back in Action on Instagram

Give us a follow to keep up with the latest in the Montreal food scene

chef plating dishes with fork in hand
Follow us @eater_montreal now restaurant guides, news, and more.
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Have you heard? Eater Montreal is now back on Instagram, regularly sharing news about the city’s hottest new restaurant and bar openings, up-to-date guides to its must-visit neighbourhoods and must-try cuisines, and other dispatches from its many-sided food scene.

We took a long break from posting to the photo app when the pandemic hit and have been rethinking our approach ever since. Give us a follow us @eater_montreal for news links, food photos, and more. And don’t forget to tag #EaterMontreal in your Montreal food posts, or send us a tip in the DMs, so we can keep tabs on the spots you’re enjoying at the moment.

Eater Montreal was already active on Facebook and Twitter — now join us on Instagram to read more about where to eat in Montreal and why it matters. And if you haven’t already, why not give a follow @eater while you are at it.