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Mile-Ex Mainstay Manitoba Goes on Hiatus

Plus, Le Mousso readies to reopen, but Le Petit Mousso has closed, and an industry association, once again, calls on the province to ease sanitary measures

inside of restaurant with green walls and wooden chairs Manitoba/Facebook

MILE-EX — Terroir-driven Saint-Zotique Street restaurant Manitoba today announced that it will be closing temporarily — and for an indefinite amount of time. Posting to Instagram, the Mile-Ex restaurant says it is going on hiatus because it lacks staff and “also a little because we are tired of the profession.” Manitoba had just last month announced that its head chef, Jean-Philippe Matheussen, would be leaving the restaurant and moving back to New York after holding the role since late 2020, taking over the gig from Simon Mathys. The latter went on to open his own restaurant.

VILLAGE — Antonin Mousseau-Rivard is readying to reopen his seasonal tasting-menu-centric restaurant Le Mousso on October 14; however, he’s had to shut down his adjoining establishment, the more casual Le Petit Mousso, in the process. Moving forward, Le Mousso will open Thursday to Saturday for one service per evening, beginning at 7:30 p.m. and coming in at $250 a head. That includes “dozens of courses,” Mousseau-Rivard says on Instagram, after explaining that the decision to increase prices was taken to “keep up with inflation and to substantially increase the wages and conditions of our employees.” Reservations for Le Mousso can be made online.

OLD MONTREAL — Six-year-old Saint-Jacques Street restaurant and bar Rosewood has shuttered, a post appearing on the establishment’s Facebook page explains. “It’s without bitterness and above all without regret that we end this chapter. We are so proud to have contributed to the local culture, gastronomy, arts and, not to mention, the nightlife of our beloved city, which has stood out among North American cities for 100 years,” the post reads. The restaurant had posted in November 2020 that it would be “turning off the lights” and taking a breather, but now it seems that it has had no choice but to make the closure permanent.

PROVINCE-WIDE — Industry group the Nouvelle association des bars du Québec (NABQ) is pressing the provincial government to allow restaurants and bars to remain open until 3 a.m. and to operate at full capacity. The request is being made in light of the province’s planned easing of coronavirus sanitary measures for the province’s sports and cultural venues on October 8, which, NABQ notes, would notably bring close to 22,000 people under one roof at Montreal’s Bell Centre. “We are asking the Quebec government, and in particular, Quebec Public Health, to be consistent,” NABQ president Pierre Thibault is quoted saying in a statement on the matter.

However, asked about a potential thawing of rules for restaurants and bars during a news conference yesterday, Quebec health minister Christian Dubé said the province needs to first “go through this month of October.”