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Quebec Peels Back Capacity Restrictions for Restaurants and Bars November 1

Here’s what is and isn’t changing as of today

three glasses of half finished beers and one pink cocktail on wooden bar table Getty Images/RooM RF

Quebec is lifting a number of coronavirus restrictions for restaurants and bars today, as announced last month. Chief among them are the rules regarding capacity limitations and curbed operating hours. Several others, including mask-wearing requirements and the vaccine passport mandate, will remain in effect for the time being. Here’s what to expect eating and drinking out on November 1 and onward:

Full Capacity, But With a Caveat

Previously capped at half the number of customers, Quebec restaurants and bars may now operate at maximum capacity. Despite the change, some businesses may continue to struggle to return to pre-pandemic numbers given the following rule: The distance between tables must be at least one meter. If that isn’t possible, partitions are required.

Operating Hours Are Back to Normal

Though the original communication announcing the change did not specify a time, this presumably means bars can stay open until 3 a.m.

Vaccine Passports Are Still Required

The rules that went into effect September 1 — requiring customers to provide proof of vaccination for entry into a restaurant and bar — must still be respected.

Amended Rules for Groups

Reservations can now be made for groups of any size, but maximums for individual tables still apply: A maximum of 10 people or any number of occupants from three households may sit at one table indoors. Outdoors, restaurants and bars may seat a maximum of 20 people or three households per table.

Mandatory Mask Wearing

This continues to apply to anyone out of their seat and circulating through an establishment.

Singing and Dancing Are Banned

No changes there.