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A Running List of Montreal Bars Opening Their Terrasses, Starting June 11

From Bar Minéral in the Gay Village to Microbrasserie Mutoïde in Hochelaga-Maisonneuve

outdoor patio Bar Minéral/Facebook

Montreal’s streets are awash with terrasses — perhaps more than ever before. But until the easing of restrictions on bars today, June 11, only those with restaurant permits could use their outdoor structures of wooden decks or cordoned-off metal tables.

On May 28, the city’s restaurants were permitted to reopen their outdoor spaces, and with that announcement, so were a large number of the city’s bars equipped with kitchens and proper permissions, places like pizza-slinging Taverne Atlantic in Park-Ex or Saint-Henri's Bar Courcelle. But there is another subset of establishments — the ones that don’t dole out meals — that have had to stand by, largely without the help of takeout revenue.

Here’s a list of some of those booze-centric bars opening their terrasses either today, or in the coming days, ordered alphabetically. If your favourite spot to grab a beer doesn’t have a terrasse, you won’t have to wait much longer: Bars are permitted to reopen indoors on Monday, June 14.

Please note that this list is not exhaustive. If a Montreal bar you know is opening its terrasse today, or in the coming days, send us a tip at We will be updating this list until June 14.

For a more curated list of the city’s standout terrasses, have a look at this map.

  • Abreuvoir (June 11)
  • Bar Aigle Noir (June 14)
  • Bar Frappé (June 11)
  • Bar Minéral (June 11)
  • Bar le Record (June 11)
  • Blue Dog (June 11)
  • Drinkerie Ste.Cunégonde (June 11)
  • El Pequeño Bar (June 11)
  • Mellön Brasserie (June 11)
  • Microbrasserie Mutoïde (June 11)
  • Nacarat (June 11)
  • Pub Le Sainte-Élisabeth (June 11)
  • Stillife (June 16)
  • Taverne Cobra (June 11)
  • The Cloackroom (June 16)
  • Turbo Haüs (June 11)
  • Vodka Bar (June 11)