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More Restrictions to Ease for Montreal Restaurants and Bars From Monday, June 28

The entire province is slated to become a green zone, meaning up to 20 people can sit together outside, or 10 people inside

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All of Quebec will become a green zone Monday, June 28, making way for less restrictive operating requirements for restaurants and bars, among other changes to health and safety regulations.

During a Tuesday afternoon press conference, Premier François Legault said that declining case numbers, fewer hospitalizations, and ongoing vaccinations signal further improvement in Quebec’s COVID-19 situation.

For Montreal restaurants and bars, the drop in status to the lowest level on Quebec’s COVID-19 alert scale spells a loosening of restrictions on the number of people permitted to sit at a table in their establishments. Starting next Monday, they’ll be able to accommodate groups of up to 20 people at tables outdoors, and up to 10 people — or however many from three households — at tables indoors.

Montreal is currently considered a yellow zone, meaning its restaurants and bars can seat the occupants of a maximum of two households at the same table.

“We will go from little parties to medium parties,” Legault said about the pandemic rule changes, which also include fewer limitations on weddings and gatherings in homes.

Quebec reported 84 new COVID-19 cases today, marking its second day in a row with a double-digit count.