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The Plateau Will Lose Another Institution When Boucherie Slovenia Closes Later This Month

The Main mainstay will be serving its last spicy sausage sandwich from behind its butcher shop counter on January 29

outside of butcher shop with red signage Boucherie Slovenia/Facebook

Beloved Montreal butcher and sandwich shop — and St-Laurent Boulevard constant — Boucherie Slovenia has announced plans to wind down its operations by the end of the month.

The Plateau institution, best known for its satiating, mustard-slathered sandwiches filled with cured meats, house-made sauerkraut, and pickles, will be closing after 50 years of service, according to a Facebook post from owners Lourdes Rodrigues and Jean Teixeira.

The post invites clients to share their memories of the shop in the comments, and was met with dozens of accounts, of lunchtime visits from local workers, praise for “the best spicy sausage sandwiches in town,” and laments of the impending loss of yet another old-school Eastern European joint on the Main. (Fabled Montreal steakhouse Moishes, founded by a Romanian immigrant, closed its doors at a locale a few hundred meters north on the boulevard in 2020 but is slated to reopen downtown later this year.)

Reached via email, a representative for the restaurant did not elaborate on the reason for the closure but told Eater that the shop is “receiving a large amount of love and support from everyone” and that the team is looking forward to enjoying their remaining days with clients.

The butcher shop will serve its last sandwich and cherry soda on January 29.

Boucherie Slovenia is located at 3653 Boulevard St Laurent.