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Fleurs & Cadeaux Makes the Best of a Burst Pipe With a Pop-Up Serving Kabocha Cake and Tempura Surf and Turf

Plus, Brasserie T! to open in Sainte-Thérèse, and Miss Villeray needs to fix its old neon sign

table with dim lighting and red flower in vase Fleurs & Cadeaux/Supplied

Popular Japanese snack bar Fleurs & Cadeaux has temporarily hauled its operation — and stellar ambience — over to sibling coffee shop Osmo x Marusan for an impromptu pop-up. Just days before Quebec announced that restaurants could once again reopen their dining rooms, a frozen pipe burst in the residential unit above the Chinatown spot, ensuring that it wouldn’t be able to welcome diners indoors. “We consider this a bit of a fundraiser, as we were barely hanging on even before the damages,” co-owner David Schmidt tells Eater in an e-mail.

Over the next couple of weeks (or until renovations at the restaurant are complete), diners can head to Osmo for their Fleurs & Cadeux favourites (yakitori, chirashi bowls, natural sakes, etc.), plus a few just-for-the-occasion items, including tempura surf and turf, kabocha (Japanese squash) cake, and isobe age oysters.

Fleurs & Cadeaux’s pop-up at Osmo x Marusan (51 Sherbrooke Street West) runs from Tuesday to Sunday, from 6:30 to 11:30 p.m., likely for the next two weeks.

Normand Laprise’s Brasserie T! Is Headed to the North Shore in November

The team behind Montreal fine dining institution Toqué! will be opening a new outpost of its casual sibling restaurant Brasserie T! in November. La Presse reports that it’s going on the ground floor of the new BST2 development on Curé-Labelle Boulevard in Sainte-Thérèse. (Chef-owner Normand Laprise previously told Eater about plans for a Brasserie T! on the North Shore, but did not disclose an exact location.) This isn’t the first time Laprise and partner Christine Lamarche have launched an off-island spin-off: In 2019, they brought Brasserie T! to Quartier Dix30 in Brossard. The original Brasserie T! opened in Quartier de Spectacles in 2010, but closed in the summer of 2020.

Miss Villeray Is Seeking Donations for the Upkeep of Its Iconic Neon Sign

The owner of long-standing neighbourhood bar Miss Villeray has launched a GoFundMe to spruce up its emblematic neon sign, which has graced the corner of Villeray and Henri-Julien since 1960. Though the fundraiser is capped at $10,000, owner Nicolas Canuel tells Journal Métro that it would cost three times that amount to execute all the necessary renovations.

Fleurs & Cadeaux

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