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Charming, Seasonally Driven Mile End Wine Bar Beau Temps Has Closed

But owners say they plan to reboot their back-alley summer lobster shack Parasol — until now under the same St-Laurent roof as Beau Temps — next summer in new digs

two men sitting in restaurant with light blue walls, and shelf with plant and three bottles of wine behind.
Beau Temps co-owners William Cody and William Saulnier
Mickaël A. Bandassak

Beau Temps, a fantastic, seasonally driven wine bar on the Mile End stretch of St-Laurent, has closed for good. Owners William Saulnier (sommelier) and William Cody (chef) announced the news on Instagram on Friday, August 19, saying that they have decided not to renew the restaurant’s lease for September.

“A lot has changed in the years since we closed Maïs [their former restaurant] and embarked on a new project. From the pandemic to rising prices and staffing issues but also ourselves and our families,” Saulnier and Cody wrote in a statement posted to Instagram. They go on to thank all who’ve lent their support, “especially our staff for helping us live our dreams in the most uncertain times.”

On July 21, the restaurant said it would be “on vacation for the next couple of weeks” and back in August. Instead of returning for regular service, owners have decided to open their cellar to sell off remaining bottles of natural wine at a discount on August 25 and 26.

Saulnier, Cody, and associate Peter Popovic (Magpie and Sparrow) debuted Beau Temps on December 1, 2020, after delaying its opening for months due to pandemic-related obstacles. The business initially took on the guise of a gourmet sandwich counter — takeout-only to abide by the government-mandated COVID-19 regulations at the time. When restrictions eased, Beau Temps transformed into the cheerful wine bar it was always meant to be, serving small plates of crisp pommes dauphine, lamb tartare on shiso leaves, and cured arctic char with ginger gelée.

During its seven-year run, taqueria Maïs, the team’s previous project, occupied the same St-Laurent Boulevard space. Meanwhile, in the converted garage tucked behind Beau Temps (and before that, Maïs), they ran Parasol, a much-loved back-alley summer lobster (and sometimes crab) shack that’s been in action since 2016.

There is some good news: Though the pair are saying goodbye to 5439 St-Laurent, this mercifully isn’t the end for their Parasol pop-up. “We would love to reopen the lobster shack next year, but it will have to be somewhere else,” Saulnier tells Eater over e-mail.

Stay tuned for details.

Beau Temps

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