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Montreal Music Venue La Tulipe Fears Being Forced to Close

New Team Aims to Bring Back Montreal Legend Laurier BBQ, But to St-Viateur Street

Latest Shiller Lavy Listing Reignites Discussions of Mile End Gentrification

Vegan Chef and Cheesemaker Says Competitor Stole Her Packaging Design

Pho King Bon Will Revise Menu After Accusations of ‘Vulgar and Degrading’ Wordplay

Montreal Plaza Chef Mocks Culinary Appropriation in Now-Deleted Instagram Video

One of Montreal’s Most Expensive Restaurants Allegedly Used Staff Tips and Wages to Pay Its Bills

Quebec City Man Loses Job For Videoing Himself Coughing on Restaurant Equipment

Montreal Police Shut Down St-Henri Bar For Selling Take-Out Burgers

Old Montreal Restaurant Faces Criticism For Callous Coronavirus ‘Joke’ on Passerby

Montreal City Councillor Stages an Unnecessary Vote to Condemn ‘Militant Vegans’

Suburban Montreal Party Hub Beachclub Might Be About to Lose Its Alcohol License

A Restaurant That Allegedly Didn’t Pay Employees is Now Threatening to Sue an Ex-Server

Animal Rights Protesters Crash Saturday Night Dinner at Joe Beef

Crescent Street Icon Thursday’s Shuts Down, Laying Off Dozens With No Notice [Updated]

New Exposé Alleges a Prominent Old Montreal Restaurateur Left Dozens of Staff, Suppliers Unpaid

Low-Income St-Henri Residents Accuse Montreal Restaurateur of ‘Renovictions’

Joël Robuchon’s Montreal Restaurant May Be Using a Foreign Company to Avoid Taxes

Court Declares That One Montreal Borough Can Restrict Fast Food Restaurants

Toronto’s ‘Unicorn Poutine’ Gives Quebec a Great New Reason to Separate

Beautys Sends Cease and Desist Letters to Montreal Diners Over Breakfast Dish Name

Health Inspectors Crack Down on McGill University’s Beloved Samosa Sales

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Toronto Syrian Restaurant Closes Permanently Amid Death Threats by Racist Trolls

Peter Sergakis Says He Doesn’t Want to Supply His Kitchen Staff With Protective Footwear

A New Café Named ‘Bonjour/Hi’ Will Caffeinate And Infuriate Language Purists

Syrian Regime Appoints Montreal Restaurateur As Honorary Consul to Canada [Updated]

Alleged Alt-Right Vandalism Forces a Laurentian Vegan Restaurant Out of Business

East End Bar Faces Suspension Over Drug-Dealing Bartenders and Customer Sex in Bathrooms

City Closes Little Burgundy Baseball Field After Stray Balls Land on Liverpool House Terrasse

Old Montreal Restaurant Faces Online Rage After Kicking Table Out for Alleged Sexual Harassment

Trois-Rivières Restaurant Targeted With Strange Far-Right Wing Threats

Over Two Years After Closing, Hôtel Herman’s Space Is Still Totally Vacant