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The Big Map of Brilliant Montreal Coffee Shops

From Italian espresso to the ubiquitous third-wave options, where to pick up a cup of joe to go

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There may not have been a time when people needed a caffeine pick-me-up more than right now, and lucky for us, Montreal is a great place for it. The 50 spots listed here are among the best the city has to offer. Many are third wave cafés, from pioneers like Pikolo to newer entities like Saison des Pluies, treating coffee with a similar level of reverence that wine or beer are given. Also well represented are some classic Italian spots, from Mile End’s Olimpico to Ferlucci in Villeray.

Keep in mind that until the COVID-19 restrictions are lifted, all cafés are offering takeout and delivery service only.

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Note: Restaurants on this map are listed geographically.

1. Victor Rose Espresso Bar

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15C Avenue Cartier, Pointe-Claire
QC H9S 4R5, Canada
(514) 447-2711
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At this small, mother-daughter-run coffee shop tucked steps away from the waterfront in Pointe-Claire, expect to find an array of cold drinks, pastries, and chatty patrons – oh yeah, and your dog is welcome, too.

2. Le Brûloir

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318 Rue Fleury O, Montréal
QC H3L 1V3, Canada
(438) 385-9556
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Ahuntsic's very own micro-torréfacteur perks up the Fleury strip with single origin and blended coffees. Part bistro, Le Brûloir also serves pastries, sandwiches, and light meals.

3. Saison des pluies

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301 Rue Guizot E, Montréal
QC H2P 1M5, Canada
(514) 384-5053

This 2020 addition to the northern end of Villeray brought fair-trade coffee from Celsius 94 to the neighbourhood, as well as an excellent list of sandwich options and cookies filled with Oreos, Fruit Loops and other goodies.

4. Café Vito

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151 Villeray, Montreal
QC H2R 1G4, Canada
(514) 564-3131
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Vito Azzue has coffee in his blood. His father and brother both have café backgrounds and Azzue himself was a fixture at Olimpico for 15 years. His namesake café in the previously underserved ‘hood of Villeray is the culmination of profuse hands-on experience. Beware the large sidewalk crowds on weekends.

5. Melk (multiple locations)

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5612 Monkland Ave, Montreal
QC, Canada
(514) 508-5789
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One of the few places with a decent cup of coffee in Monkland Village, Melk pulls its own organic roasts and features an array of homemade baked goods. There’s another location downtown, on Stanley.

cup of coffee Melk/Supplied

6. Café Larue & Fils (multiple locations)

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244 de Castelnau Est, Montreal
QC H2R 1P5, Canada
(514) 272-8087
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Ascendant brand Larue & Fils operates three shops (here, 405 Jarry E, and a third on St-Zotique) and formerly owned the coolest coffee truck in town.

7. Ferlucci

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432 Rue de Castelnau E, Montréal
QC H2R 1R3, Canada
(514) 379-6575
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This eccentric little cafe – housed in what used to be a lower duplex apartment on de Castelnau – serves excellent, local Italian beans, as well as grilled cheese sandwiches, sugar-dusted cookies, and plenty more. The rack of VHS tapes above the cash adds a layer of nostalgia to the amiable environment.

8. Dispatch Coffee (multiple locations)

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267 St-Zotique, Montreal
QC, Canada
(514) 229-5008
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Dispatch, which began as a mobile vendor, is a fearless player on Montreal’s coffee scene. The café in Mile-Ex doubles as a roastery, has additional locations in the McGill campus and a sleek new-ish location on the Main, and more recently, a national coffee delivery service.

9. Café DAX

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1461 Av. Van Horne, Outremont
QC H2V 1L3, Canada
(514) 941-9982
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As one of the few third-wave options in Outremont, Dax proudly serves coffee from Montreal and other North American roasters, as well as a wide variety of teas and baked goods.

10. Caffè Italia

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6840 Boul St-Laurent, Montréal
QC H2S 3C7, Canada
(514) 495-0059
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Perhaps the closest thing to a small espresso bar in Italy, this Saint-Laurent hotspot — open since 1956 — is as classic as they come. Its “get-in-and-get-out” vibe isn’t pretentious; it’s just the way it goes. Their panini are some of the best around (don’t forget to add hot peppers) and there are plenty of pastries (grab a slice of cherry pie) to go nicely with your latte.

11. Caffè San Simeon

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39 rue Dante, Montreal
QC H2S 1J6, Canada
(514) 272-7386
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A quintessential Little Italy coffee shop should be equal parts social club. Enter Caffè San Simeon, open since 1979.

12. La Brume Dans Mes Lunettes

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378 Rue Saint-Zotique E, Montréal
QC H2S 1L7, Canada
(514) 379-1178
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Probably most well-known for its afternoon tea and unbeatable scones, La Brume serves up tasty brew in a welcoming space normally conducive to reading your favourite book or catching up with friends. The foggy windows facing Saint-Zotique simply add to the charm. 

13. Café Odessa

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65, rue Beaubien, Montreal
QC H2S 1R1, Canada
(514) 508-5441
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Another café with West Coast roots, Odessa is run by the trio of Kyra Foort, Marc Arsenault and Jacob Logel. The Little Italy spot favours Toronto's Pilot Coffee Roasters.

14. Paquebot (multiple locations)

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2110 Bélanger, Montreal
QC H2G 1C2, Canada
(514) 439-4344
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Paquebot was the first coffee shop to serve nitro cold brew in Montreal, and has since taken their wares to Old Montreal, not long after taking over Mile End’s Café Plume.

15. Café Olimpico (multiple locations)

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124 rue Saint-Viateur Ouest, Montreal
QC H2T 2L1, Canada
(514) 495-0746
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Café Olimpico was founded by the late Rocco Furfaro in 1970 and its original location continues to operate as a landmark of the bustling Mile End scene. Recent expansions include shops in Old Montreal and downtown.

16. Caffè in Gamba (multiple locations)

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5263 ave. Du Parc, Montreal
QC H2V 4G9, Canada
(514) 656-6852
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Gamba sources quality beans from the likes of Café Saint-Henri, Intelligentsia, Detour, 49th Parallel, and Counter Culture. Their newest location on Saint-Viateur opened in late 2019.

17. Café Falco

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5605 ave. De Gaspé, Montreal
QC, Canada
(514) 272-7766
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Siphon coffee, Japanese-inflected grub, and the coolest décor in the city, all on the industrial-turned-techy side of Mile End.

18. Café 8 Oz (multiple locations)

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5851 rue Saint-Hubert, Montreal
QC, Canada
(514) 303-8008
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This Petite-Patrie café from Xavier Girard-Martin and Claude-Sophie Barsalo-Lacoursière buys from cult Portland, Maine, roastery Tandem. Now with a new location on St-Zotique in Little Italy.

19. Éclair

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12 Rue Maguire, Montréal
QC H2T 1B8, Canada
(514) 495-7880
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Café Éclair stands out with its mission to offer more than just food and drink – it also acts as a bookstore, stocking a few options on the shelves, such as cookbooks, illustrated books and popular novels.

20. Café Milano

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5188 Rue Jarry E, Saint-Léonard
QC H1R 1Y4, Canada
(514) 328-0561
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Step out onto the sidewalk on Jarry East and you may feel transported to another city entirely. This legendary Saint-Leonard hangout is the real deal, specializing in Italian coffee, sandwiches (please, call them panini), and delectable pastries.

21. Le Elsdale

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2381 Rue Beaubien E, Montréal
QC H2G 1N3, Canada
(514) 725-9769
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Officially listed as a café-buvette-boutique, this expertly decorated space offers its clientele more than just a coffee experience. With a full takeout menu, locally-made artisanal goods, and a curated wine list, this Beaubien superstar is also just steps away from Parc Molson and the wonderful gazebo that features on their own apparel.

22. Noble Café

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430, avenue Laurier Est, Montreal
QC H2J 1E5, Canada
(514) 656-7630
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This petite Plateau café across the street from Laurier metro serves Kittel and Phil & Sebastian coffees, in espresso, filter, and cold brew forms. Look for baked goods from Arhoma, crème molle and hard ice creams from Les Givrés, and, sometime down the line, nitro cold brew and kombucha on tap.

23. Campanelli

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4634 Rue Notre-Dame Ouest, Montréal
QC H4C 1S4, Canada
(514) 933-7770
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Life and business partners Tony Campanelli and Sophie Hébert run this popular new school Italian café and sandwich counter in Saint-Henri that is very much worth the visit.

Campanelli café, Saint-Henri Campanelli/Facebook

24. Café Orr

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5368 Avenue Papineau, Montréal
QC H2H 1W2, Canada
(514) 544-2233
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While the in-house cinema is on hiatus until further notice, it’s still worth heading here for the awesome Stikki Peaches mural and grabbing something to take away with you.

25. Shaughnessy Café

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1455 Rue Lambert Closse, Montréal
QC H3H 1Z5, Canada
(438) 386-9890
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One of the better cafés found on the western edge of downtown is Café Shaughnessy, which owes its name to Shaughnessy Village, the historic neighbourhood filled with Victorian stone houses just steps away. Fun fact: you can write to them on Instagram to have beans delivered to your door!

26. Café Méchants Pinsons

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1546 Avenue Laurier E, Montréal
QC H2J 1H9, Canada

This bright space on the bustling stretch of Laurier Est was awarded as voters’ favourite coffee shop of the year in 2019, and is a great source for picking up beans, merch, or even a new keep cup. Outdoor benches provide seating for some great people-watching.

27. Café Saint-Henri (multiple locations)

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3632 rue Notre-Dame Ouest, Montreal
QC H4C 1P5, Canada
(514) 507-9696
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This microtorréfacteur pioneer is utopia for coffee nerds. Above and beyond your standard neighbourhood café, there are outlets in Saint-Henri, Verdun, Square-Victoria-OACI metro, the Latin Quarter, and Jean-Talon Market, and of course, the stunning HQ near Jarry Park.

28. Café Névé (multiple locations)

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151 rue Rachel Est, Montreal
QC H2W 1E1, Canada
(514) 903-9294
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Canadian roasters figure prominently at Gabriel Rousseau and Luke Spicer’s popular café across from Romados, open since 2009. More recently, the café probably best known for its chocolate chip cookie pivoted to selling bottles of wine for takeout and excellent sandwiches, to boot.

29. Café Replika

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252, rue Rachel Est, Montreal
QC H2W 1E6, Canada
(514) 903-4384
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You can get standard espresso-based drinks at Replika, but what makes this delightful Plateau spot tick is Turkish coffee, sandwiches, and snacks.

30. Café Myriade (multiple locations)

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1432 rue Mackay, Montreal
QC H3G 2H7, Canada
(514) 938-1717
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Anthony Benda is as responsible as anyone for Montreal's contemporary independent café scene, founding this café in 2008 — he has sold the business now, but not before adding an outlet in Club Monaco's flagship downtown Montreal store, and one more up on the Plateau.

31. Café Leaves (multiple locations)

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2051 Rue de la Montagne, Montréal
QC H3G 1Z8, Canada
(514) 928-3665
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As the name implies, this café is replete with flora and caffeine-hungry fauna. Forget matcha lattes, this spot is venturing into unheard territory with its spicy beetroot, golden orange, and ruby ginger varieties. There’s a bigger outpost over on McGill College, as well as a brand-new shop inside Place Ville Marie.

32. Lili & Oli

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2713 Notre Dame, Montreal
QC, Canada
(514) 932-8961
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This Little Burgundy favourite has kept up with the times in its decade-plus in business, and didn’t lose any steam when it moved homes a couple of years back.

33. Pigeon Espresso Bar

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1392 Maisonneuve O, Montreal
QC H3G 2E4, Canada
(514) 840-9191
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Pigeon landed in late 2016 right within Myriade's sphere of coffee influence, billing their brews as the "world's worst coffee". With Stumptown beans and cold brew on tap, it's clearly reverse psychology, and it's a welcome option for the masses of Concordia students.

34. Café Pista (multiple locations)

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2650 Rue Masson, Montréal
QC H1Y 1W2, Canada
(438) 380-1307
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With the opening of two more locations in 2019 and 2020, Pista holds up as a classic third-wave coffee shop, serving Zab and Kittel roasts from Montreal, and Toronto’s Pilot amid pastel tones.

35. Café September Surf (multiple locations)

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2471, rue Notre-Dame Ouest, Montreal
QC H3J 1N6, Canada
(514) 934-5000
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The café-slash-DIY surfboard workshop from principals Isaac Berman, Ravi Handa, Marie-Elizabeth Lajoie, and Michel Martin sells energy balls, toasts, a breakfast sandwich, salads, tea cakes, and yogurt and granola bowls. Aidan McMurray, late of Kitsuné and Myriade, helms the shop's coffee program (Dartmouth, Nova Scotia's Anchored Coffee is featured). Now with a beefed-up food program, and a second location in Pointe-St-Charles.

36. Café Humble Lion (multiple locations)

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904, rue Sherbrooke Ouest, Montreal
QC H3A 1G3, Canada
(514) 844-5466
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Adjacent to McGill campus, Humble Lion is the rare Montreal shop that pulls Intelligentsia’s Black Cat, which the Chicago roastery created for "supreme balance and wonderful sweetness." An oasis in a neighbourhood where chains reign supreme (there’s a second location not far away on McGill College).

37. Pikolo

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3418B, av. du Parc, Montreal
QC H2X 2H5, Canada
(514) 508-6800
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However you prefer your caffeine fix — cold brew, latte, espresso, pour over — Pikolo is at the vanguard. The narrow gem on the fringes of the McGill Ghetto orders from choice roasters like Calgary's Phil & Sebastian and Portland's Heart.

38. My Little Cup

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2055 Robert-Bourassa, Montreal
QC, Canada
(514) 618-4987
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My Little Cup is a spin-off of a popular Brussels café run by French brothers Laurent and Bertrand Lucas. The original — "a unique espresso bar, the first of its kind in Belgium" — was the fulfillment of a dream for Bertrand. The globetrotter told a French newspaper in 2012 that he discovered third wave coffee shops while in the United States and wanted to import the concept to Europe. The McGill metro spot opened in late January 2016.

39. Station W (multiple locations)

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3852, rue Wellington, Verdun
QC H4G 1V2, Canada
(514) 508-9768
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The third wave may not have totally broken over Verdun yet (to the relief of some) but that doesn't mean there's no good coffee — Station W has caffeinated extractions from Kittel and Le Brûloir, and a skilled team of baristas. With a Rosemont location, in the Angus Shops, too.

40. Café Bloom

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1940 Rue Centre, Montréal
QC H3K 1J2, Canada
(514) 508-2313
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Head to this charming Pointe-Saint-Charles café for healthy lunch fare – think eggy breakfast sandwiches and freshly made baguettes — and coffee from local micro-roaster Kittel and Calgary’s Phil & Sebastian.

41. La Finca

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1067 Rue de Bleury, Montréal
QC H2Z 1N1, Canada
(514) 903-8911
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Finca has expanded its offerings by curating a local marketplace in the space previously used as a meeting room. This airy downtown shop is boosted by a tidy menu of light meals from grilled cheeses to tartines, as well as one of the best secret terrasses in the city.