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Montreal’s Restaurants Will Be Allowed to Open Dining Rooms on June 22

Old Montreal Restaurateurs Are Agitating For Permission to Reopen Dining Rooms

These 10 Government Programs Can Help Quebec Restaurants Stay in Business

A Key Federal Bank Will Offer COVID-19 Aid to Almost Any Business — Except Bars

The SAQ Remains Open Across Quebec, But With Reduced Hours

Quebec Orders Restaurants to Operate at 50 Percent Capacity; Bars Forced to Close

Montreal City Councillor Stages an Unnecessary Vote to Condemn ‘Militant Vegans’

Weed Edibles (Or Rather, Drinkables) Have Hit the Shelves in Quebec

The Plateau Wants to Protect and Preserve Numerous Restaurants’ Historic Signs

Court Declares That One Montreal Borough Can Restrict Fast Food Restaurants

Quebec Officially Outlaws Most of the Fun Marijuana Edibles

Montreal Urbanist Launches Petition to Reopen Iconic 9th Floor Eaton’s Restaurant to Public

The Quebec Government Is Planning to Ban Weed Brownies And Other Edibles

Montreal Restaurants Will Be Required to Put Health Inspection Results in Their Windows

City Councillors Push For Montreal to Adopt Letter Grades for Health Inspections

Montreal Casino to Pay Out Over $100,000 For Overcharging on Drinks